Turncut Soluble Cutting Oil

Based is United Arab Emirates, we are entrusted with the chore of providing top-notch products in the domestic market. Prominent amidst the leading Supplier; count on us to avail the finest Turncut Soluble Cutting Oil.


Features and Benefits :

  • High performance, chlorine free, suitable for wide range of metals

  • Outstanding performance on aluminium, ferrous and non-ferrous metals including stainless steel

  • Provides long service life

  • Resistant to bacterial life and degradation


Applications :

  • Recommended for machining aluminium, steel and yellow metals

  • Can be used in individual machine sumps and in centralized coolant systems

  • Recommended dillutionsfor turning, drilling, sewing, milling and deep hole boring are between 5-10%

Typical Properties

Turn Cut Test Method Soluble Cutting Oil
Appearance Visual Amber Liquid
Specific Gravity@ 20oC -- 0.95
Emulsion Typre -- Milky
PH@5% Emulsion -- 9.1
Corrosion Test Breakpoint % IP 287 3
Refractometer Correction Factor -- 1