Molybdenum Complex Grease (LITMOLEX EP-2)

Superior grade, economical prices and unmatched standard distinguishes our Molybdenum Complex Grease (LITMOLEX EP-2) from others in the market. Ours is a well-established firm located in United Arab Emirates and engaged in the business of providing a wide assortment of quality products.


Features and Benefits :

  • Excellent water washout resistance

  • Long Lasting whilst still maintaining its grade

  • Outstanding oxidation, thermal and mechanical stability in high temperature environments

  • Robust, anti-wear, anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties

  • Superior load carrying capacity


Applications :

  • Plain and roller bearings subjected to high load and temperature upto 180oC

  • High load and shock environments such as cranes, crushing mills, oven sliding doors, steel, cement factories, e.t.c.

  • Equipment where frequent lubrication is required

  • Machinery operating in a temperature range of 20oC to 180oC


Specifications : NLGI : GC-LB, DIN 51502/51825 : KPF 2P-20 and KPF 3P-20

Typical Properties

Litmolex Test Method Litmolex
NLGI Grade -- 2 3
DIN Classification DIN 51502 KPF 2P-20 KPF 3P-20
Thickener -- Lithium Complex Lithium Complex
Color Visual Black Black
Work Penetration,10 mm ASTM D 217 265-295 220-250
Base Oil Viscosity @40oC, cSt ASTM D 445 200-220 200-220
Dropping Point,oC(min) ASTM D 2265 250 250
Oxidation Stability,96 hrs @ 100°C, Psi max ASTM D 942 4 4
4 Ball Weld Load(Kgs),min ASTM D 2596 315 315
Wear scar Diameter(mm), max ASTM D 2266 0.7 0.7